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Change log level in Commerce Cloud

Dear all,

we are currently in a production environment of SAP Commerce Cloud (Public Cloud) and need to change the level of a logger to monitor a remote function call. Unfortunately the change of the logger inside HAC is only affecting a single node instance and not all instances deployed within the Commerce Cloud landscape.

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished without restarting the server?

Kind regards,



Hi Stephan,

Have seen that you asked the question. I have recently added a blog post for it which might be interesting for you.

Best Regards,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you have access to the other nodes, you could update their values via its HAC too, assuming its HAC can be accessed. Otherwise, the only way is to make the change in and redeploy the change.

Ok, then it is just not useful implemented. From a maintenance perspective this is not very intuitive. The platform supports Cluster Events and it would be easy for Sap to deliver a function that updates all nodes.

Thank you for clarification that it is just not possible.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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This can be achieved by writing a groovy and running it in any one node and no need to restart the nodes.

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Hi Stephan,

you could login to HAC and check in the browser cookie, which Kubernetes pod/node you got assigned to.

You can see this in the Cookie (ROUTE or JSESSIONID)

Set the desired logging in the HAC, logout and delete (!) the cookies and re-login to HAC. Check again the ID. Hopefully you have reached a different pods now. Otherwise, delete cookies again and retry.
Do this as long as you have successfully reached all pods in the cluster and all pods have set the desired logging.

This procedure does not requires restarting of servers. Otherwise, setting properties in Commerce Cloud on Service level would make sense. But then, the Kubernetes pods are recreated and servers restart

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Hi Bernhard,

thanks for your answer! Sound like a hack 😉 I did something similar in the past when changing configuration properties was necessary without a restart.

But actually it would be nice if SAP just supports this simple scenario.

Best regards,



This procedure can be improved slightly. Instead of deleting all the cookies, leave teh ROUTE cookie and manule set it's value to the name of the pod yu wish to log-in into.

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A groovy script may be able to achieve that without a restart. I don't have any on hand for it.