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Change background color in all views in IC Web Client

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Dear forum

I want to change the background color in all views in IC WebClient.

The background color is WHITE and I try to change the CSS file

"crm_ic_contextarea.css" but I don't have positive results.

can you help me?


Filippo Ambrosini

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Filippo

1. The role of 'crm_ic_contextarea.css' is well defined in the IC WebClient cookbook. This style sheet only controls the Context Area at the top of the IC WebClient, but not the whole application. You might want to give the cookbook a quick read through to determine what is customizable. The cookbook can be found at ->mySAP Business Suite Solutions-> mySAP CRM-> Interaction Center Installation Guides

2. The background color that you wish to change is defined by HTMLB and changing the stylesheet of HTMLB is not recommended. Also, making any kind of change to items in the mime repository will not protect you from upgrades because the change-management in the CRM system does not work on MIME objects and hence your MIME object modifications will get overwritten by the upgrade procedure.

Hope this helps.



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Filippo, stule sheets are maintained in, as you correctly mentioned in CSS Stylesheets. These stylesheets are pre-defined and and called directly by your ICW Application. Changing them would mean, changing them would mean a SAP modification which I do not recommend. Easiest way to achieve something like that is when you use SAP's Portal and not by changing the IC WebClient itself. Kind regards, tiest.

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