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CCO Assignment in receipt of Tax rate type code from customer

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We are integrating CCO 2.0 FP09 PL03 with SAP Business One 9.3 PL06.

We need that when making receipts, the tax rate type code that is assigned to the article in the receipt line, is the one configured in the customer in SAP.

We observe that, once we indicate the item in the receipt, the sales line is assigning the tax rate type code that the item has defined in SAP Business One, and not the one indicated in the customer.

(When making any sale in SAP, assign the one defined by the customer.)

We have even tried to indicate in the CCO in the customer the value of "Tax ID", but without success.

Is there a way to configure this way of working?


Juan Ramon.

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Hi Juan

In the standard solution, the CCO expects that the taxes are assigned in the item level.

The SAP Customer Checkout doesn't support the taxes that are assigned in the customer master data.

Refer to the blog below for further information

Also check this request posted in the Influence Channel.



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Hi Tobias, thanks for your reply

I don´t understand well if you mean if it´s allowed in SAP BO or in CCO.

In SAPBO it is, in the sale the VAT rate assigned to the cusotmer is assumed

In CCO I do not know what are the rules for assigning the Tax Code and I have not found references to it in the manual, so I consulted you in the forum.


Juan Ramon

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Hi Juan,

in my opinion, it is not only possible to solve your case with a standard function. Do you know, is it allowed in your location to use other tax codes depend on your customer?