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Cash-closing mismatch entry is not sent to the ERP

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We would like to know what configuration option may be causing the notes corresponding to an imbalance in the cash closing to not be sent to the ERP

In our test system and in others of clients that we have implemented, this option works correctly for us, when a closing

with mismatch is performed, said mismatch passes to the ERP (in our case SAP Business One HANA 10.0 FP2111), however in one of the implementations that we have Once these mismatch receipts have been made, they are not sent to the ERP

It is curious, because if we force them to be sent again, the sending is done, but it does not happen automatically.

We make a box DAY-END CLOSING like this;

In the CCO receipt query, we see the line corresponding to the imbalance, and this is not sent to the ERP

If we use this option to post again and send to the ERP, it is sent correctly

This is the version in which the misalignment seat does not work for us

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