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CAR and multiple connections to ECC and S/4 at the same time

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We have a migration scenario where CAR 5.0 is being migrated from one DC to another. The source master data system is ECC which will remain in the old DC and data will continue to be moved via SLT (which is hosted as part of the CAR system). As part of the same program of work, the customer is performing a brownfield conversion from ECC to S/4 HANA (2023) and as part of this, the new integration between CAR and S/4 must be built and tested. During this time, BAU operations between ECC and CAR must continue to be supported. There is a single CAR landscape and so the questions are;

1) Is this scenario technically possible/ supported?

2) Any advice on how to simultaneously have a ECC system and a S/4 system providing master data to the same CAR system (and receiving in return their respective CAR outbound data flows).

I have seen some questions and blogs on multiple ECC clients connecting to the same CAR system but not the scenario described above.

Thanks in advance

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Hi James,

did you manage to realise this scenario? Integrating CAR with one ECC and S4?