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Capture Contact Activity

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to store contact activity in SAP Emarsys for example weather a contact has participated in an event or not organized by a company. We want to store data like below table

Later, we want to use the above data in segmentation to filter the contact based on the event, for example all contacts who have attended Event 1.

Is the above requirement feasible in Emarsys?

Kindly suggest

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Hi deerastogi,

I believe there are multiple ways to approach the use case you're presenting. However, is important to understand the nature of events. For example:

  • Does events will have the same ID over time?
  • Are we talking of one-time events, with unique IDs?
  • Do you need to store the historical events' records? Or is something that you can delete periodical?

Based on the information you provided, I think that there are 2 options to make this use case feasible:

  1. Create a custom field per event: Emarsys allows you to create a specific number of custom fields to store contact data. You could create single-choice custom fields, with Y and N values, to match the specific events you need. The limitation could be the quota of custom fields allowed by Emarsys (here more information). To mitigate this risk, you can eliminate custom fields periodically, but this depends on the details of your use case.
  2. Create a unique custom field called "Event": This may tackle a different need than the one you present, but another option could be to create a unique short-text custom field called "Event". If the use case allows this, for people who assisted to the event, you can populate the field with the specific "Event ID" and for the ones who did not, you can leave the field empty.

Both options allows you to define segments to identify people who assisted or not to the event (using the Contact, email behavior, geolocation and Smart Insight segments).

I hope this answer helps you.


Juan Cabrera


Thanks Juan for the response.. it would certainly help..