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Can you export the results of a search in the audit log under administration?

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For some reason my custom where clause in the audit log within administration does not pick up results so I am hoping I can export the full set of 90 days audit logs and manually analyse in excel. I'm using the following custom where clause - endpoint = 'accounts.login' and UID = '2775004'.

I know the UID = 2775004 exists in the results as I can see it but when I use that custom where it returns no results. I am hoping to search the audit log for a specific UID but unable to do so.

- Could anyone advise why my custom where clause isn't working?

- Is there a way to manually export the audit logs?

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Hi Mark, you can also implement a Data Flow (IDX) to extract the logs. In addition, consider the log connector for (near) real-time replication of the logs. Thanks.