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Can the AET be used to create a new Z table?.

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I understand that new user tables can be created/changed via EEWB, but, I keep reading that in CRM 7 we should now be using the AET tool. Can I create a new user table in AET, and if so, how?.

I only know of one way to launch the AET via the WebUI, and that's via the screen configuration tool. Of course this method would only allow us to ammend an existing structure/table and not create a new one, hence my question.



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Hi Jason,

No it not possible to create a table using AET as of now. As stated earlier you can use EEWB or else you may end up creating your custom BOL object with 1:n relation...depending on your requirement.



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Thanks everyone. We are in the process of updating to EHP1 soon so I guess we will be able to create tables using the AET.

It's damn annoying though because I read in more than one place where SAP have strongly recommended using AET instead of EEWB. You think that if we can not create tables using this then they would at least put some kind of caveat to their recommendation.

Anyway, thanks to all.


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As far as I know EEWB never supported Z-tables except for those related to the SAP Business Partner. It's always been next to impossible to use the EEWB to add Z-tables for the business transaction model.

Jason can you please back your rant with some examples what the EEWB did with Z-tables that is not supported by the AET, for specific business object types. EEWB was never used to create stand alone z-tables. Also technically the EEWB was a big failure because it never supported currency and quantity type fields, so you could never automate your work.

I'm just little concerned that if you don't clarify your statement about the EEWB you are going to confuse people who read this thread in the future.

On another note the new tools available in EHP1 for enhancements are great and not hard to figure out. They definitely fill some needed gaps. Now just don't get me started about EHP1 not being in GA.

Take care,


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hi Jason,

You go through the following blogs for info on AET :-

- /people/tzanko.stefanov2/blog/2009/01/06/sap-crm-70--adding-custom-fields-video-clip


The second one is a Video clip and explains steps for AET in detail.



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with the AET you can only create new fields in CRM 7.0. In Enhancement Pack 1 for CRM 7.0, that is currently in Ramp Up phase, it is possible to create also new Z tables with the AET. So in CRM 7.0 you still need to use the EEWB if you want to create new Z tables.

Kind regards,