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Can I use CRM XIF?

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Hi All,

I understand that CRM XIF adapter can be used for communication between SAP CRM & External systems. There are standard IDocs and Function Modules available to create data in CRM as well as send data to external system from CRM.

My question is, if I add few fields to CRM objects e.g. Business partner, can I still use the CRM XIF adapter with the changed object? Can I use CRM XIF IDocs or CRMXIF BAPIs/Function Modules?

Please suggest me ideal & effective way to handle modification to CRM objects as I will be communicating between CRM & external system.

thanks for any help!!!


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you can use the CRM XIF to handle the inbound/outbound data that you have added. The key point will be that you will need to write the middleware exit that takes your additional data and maps it from the BDOC structure either into CRM or out of CRM depending on the direction of communication.

Please look at the documentation for function module CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE and the subtopic called Extensions in order to get the details on how to setup the additional fields for data transfer.

Good luck,


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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for quick reply.

Can you please tell me how difficult is this BDoc modification, mapping additional data fields & developing Middleware exits? It seems too much of work.

Can I use BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA or modified version of this BAPI?

Is there CRMXIF documentation for other function modules for CRM Objects in master data & transaction data?

Any documents on developing CRM Middleware exits?


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