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Campaign determination

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Hello Experts,

currently I have a problem with the campaign determination in ERP.

I have transfered a campaign from the CRM to the ERP without any error via Middleware.

The campaign is stored in the CMPB_MAP with guid and id correctly, too.

If I now create a position in a sales order, corresponding to the partner and the product of my transfered campaign,

the field vbkd-campaign keeps beeing empty for some reason.

Because of that, the campaign determination, conditions and pricing won't work.

Does anyone knows, why the campaign field isn't filled out?

Any help would be highly appreciated.




From all I found out by now, it's probably a problem with the customization of the campaign determination in the ERP and CRM.

Maybe someone got further information how to customize the determination, besides the SAP Documentation?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did the campaign determination conditions were uploaded to ECC as well?

You need to check campaign determination condition tables and see if there are data in them.

You have to check campaign determination customizing and campaign specific pricing tables.

Chances are that campaign determination customizing is not proper.

Let me know what you find.


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Hello Koshal,

thank you for your reply.

Actually I have transfered the ERP conditions to the CRM.

But if i know create and release a campaign, nothing is stored in the corresponding condition tab in CRM.

I first thought there might be an error because of the transfer, so I changed the campaign determination to an older condition table I've created earlier.

Unfortuately the system isn't storing any conditions anymore. Neither in the old condition tab nor in the new replicated from the ERP.

Do you have any clues what could have happend?

Thank you in advance.



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In the standard SAP system, campaign determination conditions are not automatically generated for object "Campaign".

On for Trade Promotion Management, they are generated automatically.

You should maintain them manually in the campaign and see if they are stored in CRM and also sent to ECC.

Then you should be able to see campaign determination work in ECC.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Hi, we have the same issue:

- We create a trade promotion in SAP CRM 7.0 with an off invoice associated to a pricing condition. Also, in the assignment block Trade Spends we add manually a condition for the campaign determination.

- The pricing condition is replicated to SAP ECC (table A172).

- The campaign determination condition is also replicated to SAP ECC (table KOT3620).

- The table CMPB_MAP content is updated with a new entry with the promotion id.

- We create a sales order in SAP ECC (Tx VA01) but the campaign determination is not executed.

We would like to know how is it possible to bind the campaign with the item order. We thought that it was with campaign determination, however it seems that the campaign determination does not run.

Thanks very much.

Mireia and Cinta.

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The campaign ID is associated with the condition record for the item. This links the sales order to the campaign ID.

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