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Campaign Automation - e-mail person responsible error

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I am implementing Campaign Automation in CRM 5.0 and have it working apart from one of the workflows.

This is a SAP standard workflow WS14000064 e-mail person responsible.

In the return table for the step 'Inform Person Responsible' there are 3 error items.

The third message simply says that the BP has not been contacted.

However the first two messages are the same as each other but the message states: Mail for business partner &1 is empty and will not be sent.

On the business partner record there is a valid e-mail address (mine) so I am not sure where it is looking for the e-mail address it claims it does not have.

Does anyone have experience of this workflow and know how to resolve this issue?

Many Thanks


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Answers (1)

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Debugged the workflow and found that the correspondence language was not valud for the responsible person.