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Campaign auto restart after error - adjust timing

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I sometimes have campaigns that show an error in the logs such as:

Package "189" started at "28.05.2024, 07:43:24 (CET)" was finished with a fatal error.

When this happens, the campaign automatically restarts after roughly 30 minutes.

Is there some way to influence that 30 minute timeframe? We'd like to make this shorter. 

This is on an onprem SAP Marketing system.

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Which on prem release of SAP Marketing are you using?
If you use the 2020 release, I will suggest that you open an incident for the component CEC-MKT-CPG-EXE and we will help you to set a control parameter which might influence this 30 minutes delay.

Best regards,
Marc Dorais
Application Innovation Services (AIS), SAP Marketing 
SAP Development Support