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Campaign auto restart after error - adjust timing

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I sometimes have campaigns that show an error in the logs such as:

Package "189" started at "28.05.2024, 07:43:24 (CET)" was finished with a fatal error.

When this happens, the campaign automatically restarts after roughly 30 minutes.

Is there some way to influence that 30 minute timeframe? We'd like to make this shorter. 

This is on an onprem SAP Marketing system.

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Hello @vervinckt_joyca,
Long time! Hope all good at your end 🙂
I think you can check on the T-Code SM39 and can find the program name which retriggers after 30 minutes and I believe you can also check the SM37 for programs and you can maybe tweak the time by a custom code to 'check any program' which are awaiting for 30 minutes to run less than that.
I cannot guarantee the solution as yMkt OnPrem is no longer supported by SAP.

I hope this answers your query.

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal | SAP CX Solution Architect


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Hi Kunal! Everything is good, thanks, hopefully the same for you!

I had already gotten to this point in the code, 




but here I got stuck on figuring out where that parameter came from.

I will follow Marc's suggestion and open a ticket 🙂