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C4C Workflow rules check if value is empty

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I have a problem with checking a value in the workflow conditions.
I have to check on a date field if its not empfty. If thats true the workflow should be triggerd on save.

But this does not work properly.
Can someone help me on how to check if a date /value should be not empty? (in Workflow step 'define conditions'.

Thank you

BR Timo

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Answers (1)

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Hi Timo,

What is the problem you are facing here ?

I am able to create the rule and made it work.

Can you share the workflow rule what you have maintained. ?



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Hi saipeddaiahgari ,
I created this workfow, see screenshot below. It is set to trigger with every save and updated the filed "sales phase" with the value "quotation".

However the condition check of the KUT-field "Document submitted" (type date) is not working.

If I make the following test, the workflow is triggering and changes the sales phase to "quotation" although it should not do this.
I change the note in an opportunity, where the field "Document submitted" is empty (document type: Opportunity; Status: in process; Sales Phase: opportunity qualify). Why?
My assumption is that the check for empty value is not supported for the KUT Field of type date. The "isinitial" is no option to chose in the compare operator field. See also this post. (

Thanks for feedback.
Best regards, Deborah