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C4C V2 and a URL Mashup with S/4

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Hello everyone,

I am implementing V2 and since Sales Orders are not yet a native object, we intend to workaround this a URL mashup with S4.

My constraint is that in C4C I have created a Mashup, under Settings > Extensibility > Mashup Authoring, and added the link to the S4 "Manage Sales Order App", then I have added the URL to the "Trusted Domains List" under Settings > General > Content Security Policy Setting, however I still get the error "This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue."

According to this SAP Note,adding the domain to the trusted domains list should suffice to fix it, but it does not seem to be the case. 

Is there a step missing, like an SSO between C4C and S/4, or maybe something else?

Thank you for the help,




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I would recommend to check CORD. Verify that CORS settings are configured correctly on both the SAP C4C and S/4HANA sides. It allows web applications running on one domain to access resources on another domain. Make sure that the S/4HANA server allows requests from the domain where the SAP C4C instance is hosted. This might involve configuring CORS settings on the S/4HANA server. Also you can ensure that both SAP C4C and S/4HANA are accessed over HTTPS and that valid SSL certificates are in place. Some browsers may block mixed content (HTTP requests from an HTTPS page), which could lead to the "This content is blocked" error.