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C4C to ECC Contact Replication deleting fields in ECC customer

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Dear Experts,

We are replicating customer and contacts from ECC to C4c and C4C to ECC,

Not allowing customer to modify and allowing contact to add or modify.

When ever contact is edited in C4C after replication to ECC it is deleting the some of the customer fields which was not used in C4C,

We thought of stopping Data in PI or In coming IDOC in ECC,

IF any one faced similar issue,

Please lets know the issue and solution which will help us.



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Hi Rachappa,

We are facing same issue in C4C where we are creating contact for an Account and this is resulting into triggering of ADRUP and DEBMAS IDOCS in SAP ECC. DEMBAS IDOC fails but ADRUP IDOC is successful and it overwrites customer's address.

Our requirement is to stop triggering of these IDOCS since we dont want to replicate contacts from C4C to SAP. Also changes to customer are only maintained in SAP and not in C4C.