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C4C Sales Quote: Deviating Bill-to, Ship-to, Payer - match sales data with sales document

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Dear SAP Community,

in C4C Sales Quote one can select manually deviating Bill-to, Ship-to, Payer Parties within the sales quote by selecting any available customer object.

C4C does not check if the sales data of the selected party matches to the sales data of the sales document (e.g. quote). So sales quote can be with sales organization X, while selected Bill-to party does not have this sales organization.

When we send the quote to SAP ERP, we get an error "Party X does not have sales data", in case the parties do not have the sales data of the sales document.

Anybody knows how we can ensure in C4C Sales Quote, that only parties can be selected, that have the sales data of the sales document? Or at least how to have warning message?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi dykstrac,

The Auto determination can be based on Sales Area. But Manual addition of parties to a quote does not validate the sales area.

You can use SDK to prevent save when the party sales area does not match the document sales area.

Best Regards,


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