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C4C - Sales Order item category determination automatically

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Hi Gurus
about the scenario Sales we need to determine automatically the right item category based on Sales doc. type - Item category group, This because the customer in ECC uses some item categories, for example Items for Sales and item FOC.
In the Fine tune activities I did not find the activity to create new item category groups and to link them to the sales order to determine the right item category. We use only Sales orders (no quotations).

With the wrong item category the External price simulation goes in error and also the user cannot identify by memory for which products a different item category has to be set.

Could anybody give me solution or a workaround to solve this matter?

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Hi Fabia,

Did you find a solution for this?

I have the same requirement, and it is not acceptable for the client that the end user must select the item category for each item.

We would like the item category to be determined by the document type. If you were advised of a solution to this, could you please advise?

Thanks, Mark