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C4C OData - PUT on Custom Service Entity

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My requirement is to be able to update a C4C ticket with a Resolution status (L4 status), and two custom text strings.

This is the service configuration in C4C:

The three fields I need to update are: MashupMessage, SurveyMessage and ResolutionCategoryUUID, which are all set to Updatable.

When I do a get from some data for a ticket, I get this response:


Now I attempt to PUT this data, plus changes, back into C4C:

I get a 204 return code, as expected, which implies the udpate happened without errors...

However when I do a subsequent GET none of my new data is retrieved.

Is there some configuration that needs doing in order to make "PUT"/update functions work on a C4C OData service entity?

Thank you for your advice/help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lindsay,

Kindly check "POST" method in place of "PUT" and try.

also refer below link for documentation for OData.

I hope this will be helpful to you.



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Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I think a POST is not correct for this scenario as I am "updating" (PUTing) an existing service ticket, not "creating" a new one.

I did try it, however, but got 500 internal server error, with text "Instance with the same key (532) already exists"

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Hello Lindsay

pl use patch instead of put which is the right verb for partial update.

put is a known issue in service request, currently it is being worked on.


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Thanks Prabhat,

We got around this issue, by writing a custom service to allow me to update the ticket, which works perfectly

But if I'm trying to do this again I will try patch. I hadn't come across this HTTP verb before, so looking forward to trying it.



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