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C4C not recognizing TimeZone on OData Services

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Hello everybody, first of all happy new year!

I'm currently testing and checking the OData services, that will supposedly come also to ByD, as SOAP will be soon deprecated by SAP.

However there's a major issue that I'm encountering, and it is basically related to the dates behavior.

For instance, I want to save a Ticket with a received date of: 2019-01-01T13:00:00 UTC-5, both the date, and the timezone are two different parameters in the JSON:

"ServiceRequestUserLifeCycleStatusCode" : "1",

But something is happening and when I check the dates in the system (with an user that has UTC-5 configured as timezone) I can visualize the date as 2019-01-01 (the date that I sent) with date time 08:00:00 (five hours less).

It seems like it is sending the 13:00:00 without timezone, and as far as I know, I'm sending it correctly (since i've done some queries to the system to check the format of the timezone, and it is in fact 'UTC-5')

I can just simply remove 5 hours to the time I send within the JSON, but if somehow it starts recognizing the timezone afterwards, I'll have a heck of a mess.

Does anybody have any insights on this?


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Hello Melvin,

Could you please let me know the API which you are using in C4C( If i am correct you are using C4C )


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat