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C4C How can i add new standard queries in the account, contact, opporutniy and quote search

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Is an Administrator able to set up a new standard query and make it available for all users in the relevant search screens like account, contacts, appointments, opportunities and quote search in a standard way?

Of course there are already quite a lot standard search queries but when adding extension fields etc. and having a customer that wants endusers all to use the same search queries it becomes a relevant question.

Kr. MJ

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Marie

As an Administrator, you should be able to define "Custom" Queries for All users/Selective Users by using "Adaptation" feature for "Master Layout Adaptation" applicable for all users or "Page Layout Adaptation" applicable for selective users.

You can find more details on this feature in Admin Guide.


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Latest version of the admin guide link for more information:

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This does not seem to work as I get an error: You can modify queries only in the master layout and personalization mode.