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C4C Event for registered product

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Dear community,

I have a problem with configuring an event in C4C. What I need to do is to replicate a registered product from C4C to marketing cloud. I configured an event, with "registered product" as main object. Whenever a registered product is changed or created, an I-Flow in the CPI is getting called. This works fine.

In the CPI I get the event-ID and root-entity-ID as information.

With the root-entity-ID I tried to call an API in C4C to get alle the data of the registered product.

With this ID I don't get any result. I thought the root-entity-ID is the object ID of the registered product but that seems to be wrong. Do you know, how I can search to retrieve all the data I need?

Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Thank you and best wishes,


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