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C4C - Assign marketing attributes default values on creation


In SAP OnPremise it was Always possible to assign the Marketing Attribute Default values automatically when creating the Account/Contact Person.

Is there a way to accomplish this in C4C? Via Workflow we also do not have the Option to set the Marketing Attributes unfortunately. And something like the 'Expert Tools' known from On Premise also seems to be missing.

Is there a possibility to do that currently in C4C?

Background is that we're trying to search for e.g. Contacts with values as 'Marketing Attribute does not equal A'.

But in this constellation all contacts do not Show up who do not have the Attribute Group assigned at all.

Many Thanks,


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Answers (3)

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Hi maihiro18,

Did you get an answer to achieve this default marketing attribute when creating a contact?

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I have the same requirement here, but when I click the links Vivien provided, I can't access the content.

Can you please repost theses links, or if anyone has another way to do this,would help me a lot.


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Hi leandro.abreu

were you able to achieve this requirement?

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Hi Kris,

please see the Help Portal documents:

Prepackaged Integration with SAP Marketing Marketing Attributes and Load of Data from SAP CRM to SAP Cloud for Customer as well as the KBA: 2699299 - Marketing Attributes Conditions Are Not taken into account in Your Custom Query (you can open this in the search engine).

You also have the option of using OData:

Marketing Attributes Entity Type or Marketing Attribute Set Attribute Assignment (BusinessAttributeSetAttributeAssignment)

Best regards,