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BW report for interactive scripts in CRM 4.0 webclient

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Hi, experts,

good day,

currently we have a requirement to develop interctive scripts in webclient environment , and developing in Interactive scripting editor,

after developing the scripts we attch the profile and when we run it in the webclient , scripts runs automatically, so far all these functionalities working ,

but i want to generate a report for , where i want to see the the number of scripts used perday, most frequently used scripts in the day ,

, where i can do this report,

as i know that , i can generate a report for survey scripts, but these interactive scripts developed in external editor and all we will do in the SPRO is attch the script name in the profile with the valid date , thats all,

i am suspecting about a custome development , if am not wrong ????

urgent help needed ,

full point will be awarded, becuse, this is a limited functionality in SAP , across the projects in the world,

thanks regards


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Hello Sreelatha,

Yes, I think in the end you will need some custom development. There is some default SAP functionality called "Interactive Scripting Evaluation" available in CRM 4.0 that records which scripts were run and which button answers were pressed (although it does not track which other type of answers were given such as radio button, checkboxes, text fields, and so on). Here is the link to the documentation:

I am currently looking at ways to improve the Interactive Scripting for future SAP releases. So if you have some good ideas (like the one below about reporting of number of scripts used per day, most frequently used scripts, etc.) please let me know. Thank you!

Best regards,


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Hi, john

thanks for the info,

Yes i know that scripting evolution,

but i dont know where i can see that screen with the statistics.

can you please tell me which TR code i need to use , to run the evolution screen, or which BSP i need to run to see that type of report, i went through the CR410_Col42_ICWEB document

but i didnt find any clue, all i got is only explanation of scripting evolution,

currently scripts are storing at crmc_ic_SCRIPTS table , and it is storing the profile,name script ID, date valid from, date valid to, fields

when i run the above table i got a option on menu bar "" check table"" when i click this system taking me to the below table called CRMD_IC_SCATTR table, this table have fields like objuect type ,object name , catogory,begin date , end date , logged by, fileds,

I am confusing about these 2 tables, 1st table can not serve my need , 2nd table can serve my need a bit ,

but it has another type of transactions like object name , object type....

and in scripting profile , i have a field called ""History "" in this i have 2 options ""record script data in BW"" and ""Do not record"",

can i use this to generate a report ??? as a standard format

so i am planning like, i can go for a custom table, with the required fields like, user , date of run, time of run, department name , average time to run the script, ... etc

this table record the data from actions in the webclient where CRA runs the scripts daily ,

then we can generate a report from the BW or can run in CRM ,

i think if you want i can write a new functionality document for SAP AG , to add this functionality ,

but please guide me in the above issue,



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Hi sreelatha

Have you solved this questions? We also had the same problem ,can you advice what you have done ? Really Apreaciated if could share some info .Thanks !