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Buying propensity

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Is it possible to define a buying propensity score for segmentation without having an SAP CRM system connected? We are using version 1511 and it seems that the model pre-defined for a buying propensity analysis is using CRM table based calculation views, which are empty, since we don't have a CRM system connected.

Is there a solution for standalone systems in a later versions?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Maris,

Buying Propensity in 1511 needs data from CRM. So if you don't have a connected CRM system the corresponding tables will empty and Buying Propensity cannot be used.

We changed that in 1602. Here the the Buying Propensity uses Contact and Interactions as basis for calculating BP. All necessary date to calculate BP can be loaded via Interactions (sales data, products etc.)



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