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Business Process Procedure for Internet sales

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Hi all, can any send me the Business Process Procedure for B2B and B2C Scenarios.

thanks in advance

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Hi Vasanth,

Well in both the cases the generic business process will not be very different.

I mean in both the cases authentication will be there from users.

once you enter into the webshop you will have the options of make inquiry, order, delivery status, billing status

Infact a visit to any webshop like ebay may be of help to you.

You need to take care of folowing details also:

How are incomplete transmissions handled and reconciled?

How are duplicate transactions reconciled?

What authentication method is used for the customer?

What credentials are passed to SAP?

Are the credentials encoded and triggered within the web?

How are such SAP external credentials stored/ protected?

If storing static credentials by process, are the execute versus read authorities assigned on the web as defined by the operating system (OS)?

Are there considerations made for load balancing?

Between SAP systems and clients?

Between web servers?

What roles and responsibilities exist for business processes?

Is IT, through configuration, managing business agreements?

How are changes to the web site tracked and reconciled with SAP transport


Is SAP data stored externally on web servers after extraction?

How is this external SAP data protected?

Does the web server force SAP data to expire?

What are the business and process costs associated with all of the above and is

management aware of the business risk of not taking these steps?

Hope this helps you.

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P.S. you can send me a mail at my mail id for any specific details

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Hi Rao,

B2B and B2C may have same general business process, but the user types are

different. Both B2B and B2C, user will logon to the webshop you have

prepared in ShopAdmin. Inside webshop, user can have options to choose

which variant of product catalogue and enter to shopping basket.

User has option to choose to create Inquiry/Order when opening shop basket.

Here in shopping basket, user enter the sold to party, product and quantity

(plus some other information required). Then after submit, these information

will be stored in CRM online Sales document (depends upon the transaction

type which is assigned to particular webshop).

Hope this general information could help.