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Business Partner Exchange CRM -> R/3

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Dear All,

In our business scenario we use manu business partner roles, like Sold-To Party, Ship-To-Party, Contact Person... Some os these BP are created in R/3 but the Contact person and prospect must be created in CRM and replicated to R/3.

We cannot allow CRM users to edit business partner roles created in R/3 but they can create and edit contact person and Prospect in CRM. I tried to use BP roles Definition and set "No change Allowed" for all BP roles crated in R/3. But after it a could not create a Contact Person and assign to the BP created in R/3.

Is there another option to change it?

Is there any way to filter the adapter object BUPA_MAIN with the BP role? I already tried to set the number range as filter but it didn´t work.

Thanks in an advance.


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Hi all,

I found the problem in a customized user exit in Tcode xd (R/3). During the replication these exit got a dump when is called by CRM replication. Is there any parameter to know when the exit is called by crm replication in the system structure?

We do not need to use these exit when we are replicating data from CRM.

I want to do something like:

If source <> CRM then

execute exit

Thanks in an advance



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Hi Bruno,

You have the BP Role and BP Category customizing available to you for this usage.

(I'm assuming you're referencing mw transaction/on-line interfaces on a supported version of CRM middleware)

Access the IMG (Transaction <b>SPRO</b>) and navigate to:

<i>Cross-Application Components >> SAP Business Partner >> Basic Settings >> Business Partner Roles</i>

The <i>BP Roles</i> option allows you to "Hide" the roles from the drop-down listing using the checkbox available. This will let you remove any R/3 BP Roles from appearing in the CRM on-line interface. So you can restrict the list to Prospect and Contact Person only.

Otherwise you can use the <i>BP Grouping</i> or <i>Grouping Exclusions</i> to prevent CRM users from selecting the sequence of R/3 roles that you do not want them to access.


Make sure that the necessary Business Partner subscription object is configured in the Admin Console on CRM (<b>SMOEAC</b>) for the R/3 Site. This allows you to filter the Partner Roles that are valid for R/3 and restrict others from not being uploaded.

You then do not have to change filters on the Adapter Object itself.

Hope that helps,


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Hello Bruno,

I think I am also configuring the same scenario.

Regarding contact persons

1. If you create a CP in CRM and it does not replicate, its fine till the point that the document that you create( sales ord/ quotation) does not have the contact person . If they have CP as one of the partner function then during replication , the values will be blanked out (Problem!!!).

However if you all the contact persons to be replication you will have to maintain the settings in PIDE.

2. It is the same prospect that you create anywhere ( ECC, CRM ) should be converted to sold to party. Hence the prospect account group should use the same number range. I hope you take care of that scenario.

3. If you want specific authorizations that can be allow certain roles/fields to be set up, you will have to create special authorization. You can goto Business partner node under cross application functions and check for authorizations available.

4. I did not get what are you setting the filters for ? Can you please explain in more details.

I hope it solves some of your issues.

Thanks and regards,