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BSP Extension

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Please let me know what is mainapplication for BSP extension.


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Hi Asha

Whenever you wish to define and implement your individual tags for Business Server Pages, you first need a BSP extension as a separate workbench. This object then serves as a container for several BSP elements, as a rule.

To create a new BSP extension:

1. Open the Object Navigator (transaction: SE80).

Alternatively (to steps 1-4), you can create a new BSP extension by selecting the Create function from the context menu of a BSP extension that already exists within an object list.

2. Choose the BSP Extension category from the object list selection and enter a name for the BSP extension you want to create.

3. Click the button or press ENTER.

The system checks whether a BSP extension with the specified name already exists in the SAP System. If there is none, the Create Object dialog box appears.

4. Choose Yes to create the BSP extension.

The system displays the Create BSP Extension dialog box.

5. Enter the default prefix without blanks or other special characters and also a meaningful description for the BSP extension as a short text.

The default prefix is a prefix that is entered into the BSP page in the standard version during Drag&Drop of the extension or one of your BSP elements from the Tag Browser into the BSP page Within a particular page, the prefix references the corresponding BSP extension that is assigned through the extension directive.

The predefined default prefix can be overwritten on the page of the BSP application by renaming the prefix attribute for the extension directive.

6. Choose Continue to confirm your entries.

The system displays the Object Directory Entry dialog box.

7. Assign a package.

The new BSP extension is copied into the object list of the package.

for more information check this

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