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BP relationships crm 6.0

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Hi guys

CICO - When i confirm BP, i have the option to select business partner 2 to it as well, depending on the relationship to the main BP.

How do I have this configured for the webclient? Ive configured the mix scenario for account identification profile, but dont have option to select the partner relationship i want to use when confirming BP

Tx Jogibai

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First an overview:

B2C: Only business partners(BP) of the type "Person" can be used, you have no option to confirm a "second" partner or a related partner.

B2B: A BP of the type "Organization" can be selected, optionally you can also select a related partner (the relationship type can be set in the account identification profile; by default this is "has the contact person") of the type "Person".

Mixed: Well you can have both if you want to work with related partners the left hand side of the relationship MUST always be a BP of the type "organization", the right-hand side of the relationship depends on the custo setting in the account ident profile.

Hope this helps a bit,

Kind regards,


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