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Hello all

a newbie here.

I am on a clean installed system.

what are building blocks ?

and how are they different /or applicable to Best practises.

Please let me know in a layman language( without sap help links)

I would also lke to know what is the principal difference between the 'preconfigured scenarios' & 'building block library' on the best practices site.?

where should one start first , I am assuming the 'preconfigured scenarios', but then when is the need to come to the 'building block library'. Both seem to have the same information. also what is the 'Key Capability' coloum means in the bb library. lot of questions.

Thank you


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Building blocks are components which need to be configured to implement a scenario e.g. - organization model, master data, opportunity mgmt, activity mgmt, etc. are various components which form the building block.

A combination of building blocks would form business scenarios.

For e.g. if you want to deal with sales scenarios, you need to use building blocks like master data, org model, opportunity, contract mgmt. etc.

Pre-configured scenarios are nothing but a combo of building blocks that SAP has suggested for implementing business scenarios.

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Hello Aminesh

Thank you for the reply.

So as I understood, "Pre-configured scenarios are nothing but a combo of building blocks", then where is the need to come to the 'building block library' [ under technical information ]. or is it all the building blocks(ever) that are combined to go into the 'pre-defined' module, am I correct ?

& anyone on the 'Key Capability' coloum meaning ?


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"Building Block Library" is where you would look into if you are searching for a major component in CRM. It has almost all the components that is intended for distribution.

When you go to a "Pre-configured scenario" , you will find only those building blocks which will be a part of that scenario.

"Key capability" column refers to a building block being relevant to which of one or more major CRM areas like Marketing, Sales, Service and Analytics.

e.g. if you refer to C37: CRM Lead Mgmt, it falls under the key area "Marketing" and so on for the others.

Hope now its clear.

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