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BOL programming Vs Functional modules programing

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Hi Experts

What is the significance difference between BOL programming and the programming of Functional modules(crm_order_read etc).

using both approach we can achieve result. what is the advantages and disadvantage by using these two approaches.

in which case we have to choose function module approach and in which case we need to use BOL programming approach



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shaik,

There is nothing like decoupled BOL Programming and FM programming.

Under BOL, there are Genil classes which in turn calls function modules to

fetch the data from the backend.

Function modules are not directly called from the UI for data manipulation.



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Dear Shaik Chand (Master ),

BOL is an extensive layer developed on top of API Layers ( i.e. ORDER READ/UPDATE FM).Both has its own significance. 

All the One Order Function modules are generally connected to API’s which internally connected to DB for read/update the order data. Whenever you are in need of most of the order data & bulk updates, FM’s are the best way to use.

Same way BOL is also internally calling/connected to API’s (through GenIl layer) & connected to DB. This is specially designed with Object Oriented concepts for just to read/update the specific field data based on the BOL Objects and relations which are already available in Web UI programming of MVC concept (Getter & Setter methods, Context and Controller class etc). In UI programming  each time we will be working with few fields to read/update. So This will make our job easy here.

I hope this would clarifies your question.!!


Abdul Kalam.A

Message was edited by: ABDULKALAM A Here, API Layer is nothing but All Function Modules which end with _OW,  _OB naming standard.

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