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BOL object for a field

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I have a field in the UI needs to be mapped to a field of a particular table in the back-end. How can I determine which BOL object I should use. Also, what if the field is not standard.

Thanks, Dave

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Answers (4)

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hi Dave,

If you want to find the BOL object for a particular field, follow the steps below:-

1 Press F2 on the field and note down Component / View / Context ndoe

2 Open the Component / View in BSP_WD_CMPWB

3 Goto the Context node class (...._CN01, _CN02, _CNXX)

4 Goto the attributes tab and check the value of attribute - BASE_ENTITY_NAME

This is the name of the BOL entity

(In the above step, if you dont find the attribute, then navigate to its super class. You will find it there)

If you want to find the structure for the BOL entity, then Open the same in GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER.



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Hi Dave

Why you want to connect UI field to database table field manually. Please elaborate your requirement.

For example if the field is header field, defaultly UI field contains reference to header table.

If you want to change this reference try this:

Go to SE11 and open the CRMD_ORDERADM_H and Double click on the Zfield entry. Now you can edit and replace the default domain to desired field domain.



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Just to add to it. If you have your custom field created using AET then you will have its BOL attribute as well(which will have same name as that of your field).

Please go through my responses on below forum which was regarding similar requirement about design layer.

Please let me know if it helps.



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Hi Dave,

If you are usign it for the design layer,you can use any field which has a similar data type.

Ie you can use any BOL object that has an attribute which is similar in type to this attribute of yours.But if its not for design layer,then you need to specify what is your requirement.