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BCM TCP/IP : Program ID

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Where can the RFC Program ID of the SAPphone Server for BCM 7.0 be found ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Eli,

The Program ID can be any string, but it must be the same in OII settings and in CRM as it is likely case sensitive.

For instance, if your gateway host is snjsapcrm01. (Gateway Host is the CRM gateway host, the same value which is defined on CRM side. This can be either server name or IP address, not case

Gateway Service, like sapgw00, the beginning is always "sapgw" and the
end is two digits. Value is obtained from CRM, like the Gateway Host.

To clarify you should be able to find the entry in your SC (system configurator):
should be something like -acs1bcm -gsnjsapcrm01 -xsapgw00

and should be seen in the OII log (thus database) as: INF> OII.SAPphoneServer=-acs1bcm -gsnjsapcrm01 -xsapgw00

Please note that this is just an example, but the naming conventions should be the same.

I hope this helps.



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Thank you for all your explanations Lloyd, it should help out

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