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BAPI and IDOC related problem

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There is a requirement like this---

An IDOC would be created in SAP by XI with information that a particular service order has been completed.Now in SAP some fileds of that order to be fill-up with data from IDOC and service order to be closed by changing system status for that order as 'technically completed'

You can use this hints/information for a solution.

1. For service order in SAP there is BAPI/BOR OBJECT (ISUSMORDER) and this object has event UtilServiceOrder.teccompleted and METHOD UtilServiceOrder.SetStatusTechnCompleted, UtilServiceOrder.Edit (also other suitable event and method available plz use TCode 'SWO1' and give ISUSMORDER and display).

2. Some Functional module can processed the IDOC and can updated the order for technically complete or update other fields. Wanted to know which FM will be used?

A probable list is given below...







Thasks in Advance


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I am not clear with your requirements. Here is my understanding.

SAP receives a IDOC from XI, which creates a Service Order. Now, some how the order status has to be set to TECHNICALLY COMPLETED. That means while creating the order itself you also want to complete the order right?

Can you explain the timing of each of the events in detail?



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The steps are as follows... I hope this makes the

scenario clearer..

1. An IDOC containing some fields along with another

field known as 'System Status' field . This system status field has the value 'CLSD' which denotes that it is technically completed.

2. The above IDOC has to update the service order(TCode

-IW32) , then only the service order attains the

completed status.

3.My work starts from the part that the IDOC has reached

the SAP system from XI.

Kindly provide me the logical flow of the pseudo code and

the required function modules required for the above scenario to take place...

Thanks in Advance ...