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Badi AFTER BP create/update

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Hello All,

Does anyone know of a badi that is triggered AFTER a BP create or change in CRM 2007? Both PARTNER_UPDATE and BUPA_FURTHER_CHECKS fire before BP create/change. We are attempting a delta export of changed/created BPs for export to an external system. So if you know of a programmatic or configuration way to trigger this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Derek Winters

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not sure about BADI , But you can follow a different design model/very reliable

Business Object event . BP BUS1006 . Every time a BP is created/chnaged BusinessPartner.created

BusinessPartner.changed events will be triggerred by the system .

You can Trigger a workflow with single step/very basic a Function Module whatever you want

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Hi there,

I need the exact same.

I assume there is no such BAPI that interacts after the BP was saved (created or changed)?

Unfortunatelly I'm not familiar with Business Object events. Can one of you or someone else provide steps how to create a Business Object event (for BP)?


Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Derek,

PARTNER_UPDATE is very much the correct BADI that can be used here. In fact the ENTIRE concept of data exchange and synchronization of BP master data to other systems is built on this BADI ! This badi triggers the outbound which sends data to external systems.

The only thing to look for here is - how to get the created or changed data in the implementation of this BADI. You can get this using the modules BUPA_GENERAL_CALLBACK, and other BUPA*CALLBACK modules for the respective datasets.

Otherwise, PARTNER_UPDATE is definitely going to help you.



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Hi Rishu,

I'm afraid but PARTNER_UPDATE didn't work for me. My request is to automatically add a partner function to every BP that is being created.

So I used BUPA_GENERAL_CALLBACK to determine if the partner is created or changed and for created partners I want to add a partner function using BAPI_BUPA_PFCT_ADDFUNCTION. But if I try to do that I get a SYSTEM_ON_COMMIT_INTERRUPTED dump - which makes sense.

So I really do need another BAPI (or Business Object event or even something else) where I can interfere after the BP has been created (after the COMMIT).

Has anyone ideas?

Best regards,


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Hi again,

In case anyone is interested...

I actually didn't need a BAdI that interacts after the BP has been created/saved - or in other words, that interacts after the COMMIT. All I needed is a function module which I can call in update task and that did the trick.

So I did use the PARTNER_UPDATE BAdI. I'm calling there my update-function-module which creates a partner function => I'm using BAPI BAPI_BUPA_PFCT_ADDFUNCTION.

So this is how I've done it in the IF_EX_PARTNER_UPDATE~CHANGE_BEFORE_UPDATE method:

  data: lt_but050_old           type standard table of but050,
        ls_but050_old           type                   but050,
        lt_but050_new           type standard table of but050,
        ls_but050_new           type                   but050,
        ls_rel                  type                   but050,
        ls_rel_old              type                   but050.

* get relationships ****************************************************
  call function 'BUPA_BUT050_CALLBACK'
      et_but050_old = lt_but050_old
      et_but050_new = lt_but050_new.

* try to get relationship "Responsible Employee"... ********************
  read table lt_but050_old into ls_rel_old
       with key reltyp = 'BUR011'. " Responsible Employee
  read table lt_but050_new into ls_rel
       with key reltyp = 'BUR011'. " Responsible Employee

  if ls_rel_old-partner2 ne ls_rel-partner2
    and ls_rel-partner2 is not initial.

*   ...add partner function "Sales Representative" *********************
    call function 'Z_CRM_BP_FRG0081_SAVE' in update task
        iv_partner1      = ls_rel-partner1
        iv_partner2      = ls_rel-partner2
        iv_partner_fct   = '00000012' " Sales Representative
        iv_relnr         = ls_rel-relnr
        invalid_partner1 = 1
        invalid_partner2 = 2
        others           = 3.

Best regards,


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Hi Derek,

You can user PARTNER_UPDATE but you have to get the bp number with this code:

* business partners ************************************************


       et_but000_old = lt_but000_old

       et_but000_new = lt_but000_new


       OTHERS        = 0.