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Backoffice product cockpit search


  • Is there a way to add the saved queries list to the backoffice product cockpit (the same as the administeration prespective)?

  • Can we use the advanced search in the backoffice product cockpit? for example i need to select a catalog version from a dropdown list instead of the text field (Refer to the screenshot)

Thanks in advance

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In Simple Search And Filters widget (read more here) you can set preferred strategy (solr or flexible).
If you set flexbile value in configuration: <ful:preferred-search-strategy>flexible</ful:preferred-search-strategy> it starts behave like advanced search. It means that all reference editors will have exactly the same type as its attribute. Afterwards, the widget will send query to the platform, likewise in Advanced Search


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Thanks for the reply, it works!

but i have a question, does changing the search strategy to "flexible" means that i will lose all the benefits from solr search? for example the facets?

And regarding my initial question, do you have any idea how can i integerate the "saved queries list" to the pcm backoffice prespective?