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Back button do not update data in IUBOTREE

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I have a requirement to display a boltree in an overview page (page 1), when clicking on hyperlink of one of the tree node, we display page 2. In page 2 we could see the tree of the selected node and other details.

In page 1 and page 2 I am using the same component view to display the tree 'IUBOTREE/IsuBolTree' .

My issue here is that when I am trying to go back from page 2 to page 1, the boltree ui component appears empty but all others components of page 1 are filled with the right data.

But when coming back from any other view that do not have a boltree ui component, the tree (of page 1) is filled correctly, So it seams like there is an issue only with the tree component.

I checked the ROOTOBJECTS node and it is filled with the right entity, but ISUBOLTREE node is empty.

Any ideas about how to solve this issue?



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