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B2B Replication from ERP into Hybris

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Hello guys,

Our ERP Customer structure is like:

Sold to # 1000 Ship To # 1000 Bill To # 1003

When we replicate the customers into Hybris from ERP following the we use TCODE BD12 just for the customer number 1000. On this case we just receive in hybris the shipping address because the soldto and shipto are the same (ONE DEBMAS + ONE ADRMAS), in hybris the billing address is empty. The way we found to fix it is to send via BD the bill-to partner number 1003 on which: 1. Creates a new B2B unit 1003 2. Update the billing address for the B2B unit 1000

My question to the experts, is it the standard behaviour? Do we need to create/send one B2B unit per each ECC account group (SP, SH, BP)?

Thanks in advance and Best regards, David

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NO David,

Just assign AG,WE, RE to the one Account : #1000, and they will become sold to, ship to, bill to for you.. Even payer to if you add right.

Thanks, Niket

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HI Niket,

Can you please elaborate it further on the approach you had mentioned. I need to bring down SoldTos, ShipTos and BillTos from SAP ECC to Hybris. I need to create data model to accommodate these customer accounts and partner functions.

I am thinking I have to store SoldTo data in B2B Unit Model. After that how can I assign ShipTos and BillTos to it. Please shed some light on this.

Thanks, Kishore.

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nik5386 the thing is, if a partner assigned differs from the customer (Ex: 1000 is the customer and you assign a SH 1003), the addresses for the 1003 are not sent to hybris b2bunit 1000 until you send the 1003 customer by BD12.

Is this the standard behaviour? Or is there a way the BD12 or other process can send the address idoc for the partners asociated when they differ from the customer himself.