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Automation on Visit Planning based on recommended frequency.

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Hi Team,

We have received a new requirement where we need to automatically create Visits based on the recommended frequency of the respective account with minimal development in the SAP Cloud application studio.

Please be informed that they are not using Routes & Tour for the Visit planning. Also, the customer is not ready to purchase Dynamic Visit Planning Add-On.

Currently, the Sales Representatives are creating Visits manually every day and are unable to track the progress.

Request you to please provide your insights on the same.



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Hi Kripali,

I would, first of all maintain the visit details on the account as much as possible for those accounts that are eligable to visit. Per sales area, visit type the duration and frequency can be maintained. This enable the creation of new visits with one click, on check out and completion of a current visit. (Working with check in check out needs to be activated in scoping.)

When data is correctly maintained on account level, the standard visit planner Functionality can be used to identify, who needs to be visited according the visit details and new visits can be created fast.

If the above is in place you can consider how visits can be created automatically e.g. based on latest visit with status completed, no visits planned in the future and the frequency.

For tracking the progress i would make some report views for the sales reps and combine them in a dashboard.