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Automatic Partner Determination in Appointment

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Hi all,

While creating a new Appointment, when we add an 'Account' to it, the 'Sales Territory' is automatically populated. (Based on the sales territory of the account).

However, is there a way where we can automatically add a partner in the Appointment based on the 'Sales Territory' Owner.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Anand,

The determination depends on Business Configuration ->Setting ,which you maintain under :

1.Go to Business Configuration->Open Activity List ->Activities->Maintain Involved Parties for Appointments.

=>Now in the screen "Involved Parties for Appointments" ,select the 'Party Role' and click button

'Maintain Determination'.

=>In the determination window ,what all determination are checked/active base on that the auto determination will take place in 'New Appointment' screen.

e.g. For Party Role 'Owner' ,the determination is base on Account Team/Territory Team/Current User..

Hope this answer.

Best Regards,


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You nailed it, Ankush Sir.
Thanks a lot

However, I had another small doubt. In our system, we are using multiple 'Sales Territories' for one 'Account'.
Can the system be configured to select the 'Owner' of a particular single 'Sales Territory' ?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello guys

I have a question on you and it is really important for me.

Why I am not able to see Involved Parties for Appointments in BC as Ankush said.

I thought it is because a scoping question but I didnt find any related to this.

As you can see on the screenshot. This is only I can see.this.jpg