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Automatic country code on additional phone number – IVR Callback

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Hi All,

We are using an IVR callback and have 2 options.

Option 1: Customer wants to receive the callback using the same phone number. It’s OK we don’t have problem.

Option 2: Customer wants to change the phone number which we are going to use in the callback, the issue is our customer does not include the country code in the phone number, and the account is not found in SAP CRM when callback is executed (SAP CRM needs the country code for identify the account).

Does anybody have an idea how we can to add the country code in the phone number included by the customer?

Best regards

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It sounds like you're using an IVR callback system and are facing an issue with customers not including the country code when they provide a new phone number for the callback. This can cause problems when trying to identify the account in your CRM system. It's understandable that you're looking for a solution to this issue.

One possible solution would be to include a prompt in your IVR system that reminds customers to include the country code when they provide a new phone number. This could be done by saying something like "Please remember to include the country code when providing your phone number."

Alternatively, if you want to avoid giving out personal phone numbers from customers, you could consider using a US temporary phone number from a service like Burner or Quackr. These apps provide you with temporary phone numbers that you can use for a specific amount of time. This can be a useful way to protect your privacy and avoid unwanted calls or texts from unknown numbers.