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Automated Emails when Service Request is Assigned to Team - Solution Manager 7.2

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Could someone let me know how we can go about sending automated emails for Service Requests (SMRQ) when they've been assigned to a team? We currently have automated emails for RFC approvals and other change documents, but am not sure how to go about setting them up for Service Requests.


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Hi dvan1,

I would recommend following below KBAs to configure your email actions/conditions for SMRQ, but it's recommended to copy standard SMRQ to your own transaction type like ZMRQ to do the changes:
2434880 - How to configure email notifications in ChaRM and ITSM - Solution Manager
3103731 - How to work with Action Definition and Action Conditions
Following above instructions to do necessary changes for the email notification configurations.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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