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Auto Log off issue

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Hi All,

I have set auto log off time to 4 hours at Company Setting -> Auto Log Off tab -> 4 hours.

But still some of the business user got logged off in 15 mins.

Is there something which i am missing to set/configure?




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Hi Vincent,

Like Vara Prasad mentioned, the setting is only in Auto logoff.

In your case, maybe the auto logoff may have happenned incase you logged in with a different user on another UI say Responsive UI. Suppose, you already logged in with a particular user on both Silverlight and HTML5. Then, you go to Silverlight and logoff and login with another user in Silverlight. In that case, the HTML5 session will cease to exist.



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Hi Pavithran,

Please find the attached screenshot for auto log off.

goto adapt --> Company settings --> auto log off tab set the time limit.


Srinivas Narasimman.