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Auto clearing the values in the fields based on f4 drop down list value.

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When the user select a value from f4 drop down list the dependent fields should get cleared, can anyone please tell me how to achieve this?

Example if the user select the value from the country field it dependent fields like state,region,district,city should get cleared.

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Answers (2)

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I think it is better not to implement the BOL interaction directly in the get_v, but implement an event in the get_p.

CASE iv_property

WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_server_event.

     rv_value = [your event]


Your event could be for instance 'CLEARDEPENDENTFIELDS'

You can then catch this event in the event handler of the implementation class by adding the event in the event handler node.

In the event I would clear the fields.

Check the following links for example code.

This will only work for ddlb fields, as for standard input fields you cannot force a roundtrip.



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Hi Pieter,

I already did the same thing but i am failed to grab the exact there any other way to implement.........

Thanks & Regards,


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Then I recommend to program the method DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT,

Is the best way for archive you solution!!

Best regards,


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Hi Deshetti,

The way I see more feasible to achieve this is "programming" in the main field GET_V method, and erase data from the company manually,

For example GET_V_Country should thence interact with the BOL entity where the data you want to change and delete them when the value is changed so that when you select a new value the page will reload and delete data dependent fields in the view are,

You must do debbug for operation ...

Follow link for example: