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Attributes in the Component BTDOCFLOW

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Hello All,

There are few attributes which start with STURCT.XXXXXX (Like STRUCK.BREL_KIND, STRUCT.CURRENCY)and there are few atrributes which are without "STURCT." extension(Like ACCOUNT_PARTNERNO, ACTACTPLN_STARTDATE). And when I am using the standard component BTDOCFLOW and context node BTDocFlow along with BTAdminH while creating a new assignment block why do I only get the attributes which start with "STRUCT." ? How do I get all the attributes which are under BTDocFlow context node ?

Where did the fields with no "STRUCT." extension(Like ACCOUNT_PARTNERNO, ACTACTPLN_STARTDATE) come in BTDocFlow context node under the component BTDOCFLOW ?

You quick response is very much appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Arjun,

The attributes with "struct." are usually the model attributes.

If you check the component controller node which it is bound to you will probably find the attributes with only "struct."

So if you want all that attributes in your component you will have to manually create all those attributes in your context or redefine the method GET_TABLE_LINE_SAMPLE in Implementation Class CN00 to CRMST_DOCFLOW_BTIL.

Thanks and regards


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Thanks JP for your detailed explanation. That answers my query.

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