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Assignment of work center views requires adjustment

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SAP Cloud For Customer receives the similar notifications about Check Incident. Here is Error Information from Incident Description.

How to resolve this incident for all users with the same problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Anastasiya

I checked the UI component mentioned in screenshot. The access context code was changed by SAP Application Team during 1805 release. Now it is changed to 2026 (Employees and Territory) from it's original code 1010 (Employees). Now your user needs to get access of it.

You can do it at Administrator -> Business Users -> Select your user -> Edit - Access Rights -> Access Restrictions -> Select the reported WCView (Work Center View) -> Provide Read/Write Access rights to the Access Group Id 2026.

This should solve the issue.

Kindly accept the solution if it fulfills your query.



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