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As a partner, how do we know when to offer v2 over v1?

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Hi experts

As an SAP partner, our team is doing some work in understanding how or when to position C4C v2 over v1 to new clients, or when to offer v2 to existing v1 clients. Can you point me to some documents or links which can help us out?


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Hello @denmar_l_villanueva,

I have been there trying to figure out the same question. Below are several factors to consider when to position C4C V2 over C4C V1 to new clients or existing V1 clients - 

User Experience (UX) Improvements: V2 has a more intuitive and streamlined user interface which enhances the user experience, making it easier for sales and service teams to navigate and utilize the system efficiently.

  1. performance and scalability with new microservices architecture supported with SAP BTP suite.
  2. advanced analytics in V2 offers more robust analytics and reporting capabilities.
  3. integration capabilities with V2 include improved APIs, better support for integrating with other SAP solutions, and third-party applications powered by SAP BTP Integration and Extension Suite.
  4. The mobile version of C4C V2 is more advanced, offering better performance and usability, which is essential for sales & service field teams.

I also see that SAP has been releasing fewor new features in V1 as compared to earlier quarterly releases and focussing on the C4C V2. Hence, position V2 as a future-proof solution with ongoing updates and support from SAP, keeping the long-term vision and guide the existing V1 customer to migrate to V2 as that's the future.

PS: If you have an existing V1 setup which is highly customized then you can continue with V1 as many clients are doing, but still plan an upgrade strategy to V2.
As far as I know, there's no official v1 vs v2 document you can find online yet!

You might be interested in this blog by @Chanchal_Jha 🌟

I hope this answers your query.

Thanks and Regards,
Kunal Bansal
SAP CX Solution Architect