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Approval step is not working

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Hello colleagues,

could you please help us understanding why step 19 for Lead Approval Process is not working as it should?

Symptom--Customer is reporting the step 19 of Lead Approval Process is not working for Lead 5398 as Hanna Suzova is not shown as the approver for the reported Lead. The approval process works until step 17 only.

Approval process for document Lead.

Step 19 has Approver - user and conditions

at Group 3:

Scenario Not equal to "1 (some changes in

the current product (label, ing" AND Production Category Equal to Basic

AND New product. Equal to Yes

Lead 5398 has all conditions for step 19:

Scenario 2 (Not equal to "1 (some changes in the current product (label, ing)

Can any one help this issue

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Hello ramesh245,

Good day!Approval Process is complex, and it is rare to get it resolved without reproducing/debugging.

Approval Process steps can fail due to several reasons:
1. Conditions not working properly (very common)
2. Approver isn’t getting determined correctly

Regarding the second condition, I collect some documents maybe can help you.

Work distribution>>
Custom Defined Involved Party

Manager of main responsible marketing Employee
Owner is the Employee Responsible for the document. For Lead workflow rules, this is the Marketing Employee Responsible.

Manager of main Responsible Sales Employee
Owner (Sales) is the Sales Employee party. In a WFR, this is the Sales Employee Responsible.

Marketing Unit Manager
org unit manager in org structure

Sales&Marketing Team approver
Approver in sales&Marketing team tab

Sales Unit Manager

2864837 - The Work Distribution 'Sales Unit Manager' is Not Working as Expected for Lead Approval Process

And if the issue still persists, we suggest you create a case to SAP Support Center.
We can help to debug using ABAP debugger to identify which ones are failing and why they are failing.

Thank you!