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Apply multiple coupon codes to cart

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Hi All,

In my project we have a requirement where I need to apply multiple coupon codes from a single Multi-Code Coupon to cart/order.

Currently in Hybris, I will not be able to apply more than one code from a Multi-Code Coupon to cart.

I have customized DefaultCouponService to ensure the comparison happens on the full Coupon code and not just the prefix of the code, as for all the coupon codes generated using Multi-Code Coupon will be having same prefix.

Now the coupon gets added to the cart, but the promotion gets fired only once even though I am able to add multiple coupon codes to it.

Right now I am trying to figure out a way to customize DefaultPromotionEngineService to allow this feature.

Anyone who has tried similar functionality or any inputs around this will be helpful.


Gokul S

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Hi Gokul, i have the same problem, did you solve it?


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