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AET's enhancement has caused a problem...

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A colleague added a new field via the AET, and managed to get it to activate with a green status. However, when we next wrnt in via the UI and error message saying ''Inconsistancy in structure for data dictionary object INCL_EEW_BUT000' is displayed.

I had a look at this structure and can see that it's only partly activated. There's an error again the new field which has a check table. However, the field in the check table does not match the new field name, although it is of the same datatype.

I think this might be were the problem lies and wondered if we should have used a search help to bring up a list of values when the new field is in the screen.

Regardless of this, I wondered if anyone could confirm my method to rectify this issue. I can't use the AET as I can't get in via the UI. What I was planning on doing was to remove the offending field from the strucure and activate.

Hopefully this will then let us back into the UI and allows us to clean up via the AET.

Does anyone know of a better way?.


Edited by: Jason Stratham on May 19, 2010 3:49 PM

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Hi Jason,

You can enable Expert Mode in AET. The button to enable Expert Mode is located in the AET Overview Page besides the Cancel | Restart Button.

If you enable the Expert Mode, you will be able to change the default package, field id, and also define a data element.